The Implementation of Integration on Knowledge: Islam-Psychology



The research based on fact about more than ten years experience the existing of Islamic Psychology Department at State Institute of State Islamic University Imam Bonjol Padang. During the implementation of the integration on Islam and science (Psychology), The research used quantitative method as a perspective. The populations on the research were a lecturer who was teaching in the Islamic Psychology Dept. and students (about 35 people/ lecturer and 145 pupils). The sample was about 32 lecturers and 107 students. The measurement of size of respondents based on Slovin formula: N/1+N.e2. The data collected by psychological scale, observation and documentation. The regression has been used to analyze data. The research found: (1) There were any connection between the integration on Science-Islam and developmental of student’s knowledge on Islamic Psychology perspective. (2) There was no effect of integration on Islam-Psychology towards of development on knowledge of students at Islamic Psychology Dept. It means that the integration and implementation quite different. Recommendation: We should make a separation between Islam as science and Islam as belief.

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