The Effects of Quality Management System on Patient Safety Culture in Hospitals

Yunus TAŞ, Ali Talip AKPINAR, Emre İŞÇİ


Among the important indicators of efficiency and effectiveness in providing health services, it is essential, on one hand, to have a level of services in a minimum acceptable level for the viewpoints of all steakholders and, on the other hand, not to harm patients except for some predetermined certain risks in medical interventioans.

This situation makes quality and patient safety practices in hospitals imperative. Quality management systems set out minimum standards in hospitals as it does them in other institutions and can generate positive impacts on patient and employee safety in providing services. With a carefully planned study from this viewpoint, opinions of health care workers of a hospital on patient safety and quality management systems were taken and a relationship between these two concepts and status of this relationship were presented. The samples of this study contain a total of 253 hospital employees regardless of professional differences. The evaluation of the data received from 253 healthcare workers of the hospital through surveys, frequency tables, center and spread with Pearson's correlation test and linear regression analysis were also used.

When examining the effects of Quality Management System to Patient Safety Culture, analyses were conducted  to determine the relationship between Quality Management System and Patient Safety Culture. Significant/Meaningful relationships between the sub-dimensions of Quality Management System and that of PSC were determined statistically.

The results of this study reveal that Quality Management System predicts 44% of variations in Patient Safety Culture. In addition, There is a significant/meaningful regression model (F=193.753; p<0.05). As a result, the regression equation is to be found as “Patient Safety Culture =1.588+0.43 Quality Management System”. Therefore, according to the results of analyses, it is found out that Quality Management System affects Patient Safety Culture with a coefficient of 0.43.

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